strength, stamina, mobility


“The Kettlebell is an ancient Russian weapon against weakness.”— PAVEL TSATSOULINE 


Anyone can pick up a bell, but using them to their full potential is another matter. We offer the Valley's only RKC Certified instruction, the gold standard in kettlebell training since 1999.  Life and sport are often asymmetrical, and so are kettlebells! This makes them a perfect match for enhancing health and fitness, or giving athletes a competitive edge in:

  • Strength and power

  • Endurance, stamina and recovery

  • Core stability

  • Mobility

  • Resilient joints and connective tissue

In addition to building lean muscle and all-over stamina. RKC training methods are a perfect fit for those looking to supplement other training (running, yoga, MA, etc) without racking up extra fatigue, and for those who simply dread the idea of a treadmill and bench press. 


DYNAMIC KETTLEBELLS CLASS (Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 am, Saturdays at 9 am)

Small group training. Get seriously strong with single and double bell work in the deadlift, front and goblet squats, cleans, press, swings, snatches, get-up and carries. Build the aerobic and metabolic engine to last longer, work harder and recover faster. This class uses kettlebells, kickboxing drills, battle ropes, jump ropes, Airdynes, rowers and more in intervals designed keep you performing on target instead of just wearing you out.  Commit to a month of training and you will see significant improvements in all areas of your fitness that actually carry over to your life or athletic game. Our programming builds on classic RKC and Kettlebell sport methods tfor steady improvements in strength and stamina with rotating variety work to balance things out. 



Access to the gym outside of class times. Open Gym access comes with all Group memberships! Open gym is limited to certain times, please check the schedule. 

  • Drop in fee for non-members: $12


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