Small group kettlebells


“The Kettlebell is an ancient Russian weapon against weakness.”— PAVEL TSATSOULINE 


Sizes limited to 3-5 people per class make Small Group training a great way to get the camaraderie of a class with personalized programming and coaching. Kettlebell training is also available in Personal Training


What if you could spend less time working out and get better results? Small Group training provides you with weekly  training sessions using a mix of hardstyle and sport kettlebell training along with calisthenics, barbell and martial arts training. The full-body control required by the kettlebell's unique offset center of mass  blurs the line between strength, power and endurance. The core kettlebell exercises make use of all of our functional movement patterns and energy systems, and are known for producing surprising carryovers into daily life and sport activities. We use RKC's unique programming methods to constantly challenge and develop:

  • Strength and power

  • Endurance, stamina and recovery

  • Core stability

  • Mobility

  • Resilient joints and connective tissue

RKC training methods are a perfect fit for those looking to supplement other training (running, yoga, MA, etc) without racking up unnecessary fatigue, and for those who find the idea of a treadmill and bench press boring. We are proud to offer Harrisonburg's only RKC Certified kettlebell gym, the gold standard in kettlebell training since 1999.