Martial arts

“if we must fight, we have no excuse for not fighting well.” 
- TE Lawrence

Edge Effect offers Kickboxing and Judo for well-rounded fighting skills for fitness, self defense and competition. Private training for these arts as well Karate (Okinawan Goju and Shorin ryu), is also available. Students are expected to maintain good hygiene, and abide by the principles of mutual benefit and mutual respect. Abusive behavior will not be tolerated. 


Interested in Fitness (non-contact)? Personal Training or Small Group Training provide non-contact martial arts-based fitness

Interested in Self Defense or Competition? Kickboxing and Judo classes involve controlled contact and practice against resistance.




Class Descriptions:


Monday and Wednesday 7-8 pm, Saturday at 10 am. Our Kickboxing program integrates offensive and defensive skills from the striking arts and sports with a focus on self defense.  Training incorporates fluid combinations of punches, kicks, knees and elbows from long range to the clinch. This isn't "cardio kickboxing", but students can expect to burn 600-800 calories per class! Classes include technical development, conditioning, partner drills, rounds on the bags and mitts. Live sparring is open to advanced students. Conditioning aspects rotate to improve endurance, power, agility, and injury prevention.  All experience and ability levels welcome. Training involves controlled contact.

Required personal equipment: (loaner gloves are available for a trial class)

  • 12-16 oz gloves, hand wraps

  • Shin guards, mouth guard

  • CLEAN wrestling/boxing shoes if needed, barefoot is otherwise required for kickboxing




Monday, Wednesday at 6 pm, Saturday at 9:15 am. Judo is a martial art and combat sport known for its powerful throws, takedowns and fast-paced ground work.  Judo's techniques are ideal for taking opponents to the ground while staying on your feet, transitioning seamlessly from throws to pins and submissions, and defending standing holds and clinches.  This combination of skills has made it a foundation for modern self-defense, MMA and BJJ competition. Classes include training in gi and no-gi variations, newaza (ground grappling), and include randori/free sparring (ie., grappling rather than striking). This fundamentals class operates under the oversight of Field Spicer sensei.

Judo involves body contact and fallsStudents must demonstrate/learn good falling skills before participating.

We're seeking an experienced dan grade to lead this program!

Required personal equipment:

  • Blue or white Judo or BJJ gi, clean t-shirt or rash guard

  • Mouth guard recommended




Saturdays 9-11ish. Sharpen distancing, timing, targeting, attack and defense against resistance in technical drills and sparring. Participants can review the week's material, combine striking, throwing and ground work, or drill specific techniques and scenarios. Class is not open to drop-in participation- participants need to be gym members or contact the instructor beforehand.

9:15-10 is Judo and grappling only, 10-11:15 is striking and mixed arts.


Required personal equipment depending on your focus:

  • 14-16 oz boxing gloves, hand wraps

  • 7 oz MMA gloves

  • Shin guards, mouth guard, cup





"HE laughs last who hits hardest."

- jack dempsey





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