Martial arts

“Mankind has had 10,000 years of experience at fighting and if we must fight, we have no excuse for not fighting well.” 
- TE Lawrence

Edge Effect's martial arts program offers down-to-earth training for self defense and fitness. Good training is based on the pillars of  consistent practice, reliable techniques, conditioning, and opportunities to work against progressive resistance. Dedicated classes in each discipline are offered along with weekly technical sparring that allows striking, escapes, throws and takedowns to be combined. Keeping/returning to the standing position is a priority in our program, although Judo newaza (mat work) is included. Private training for Boxing, Kickboxing and Karate (encompassing Okinawan Goju and Shorin ryu), is also available.

Students are expected to maintain good hygiene, and abide by the principles of mutual benefit and mutual respect. Abusive behavior will not be tolerated. 





Class Descriptions:


Jack Dempsey observed "he laughs last who hits hardest." These classes provide boxing and kickboxing training as a means of self defense and fitness, with striking, footwork, defense skills, and conditioning for agility, power and endurance.  Each class includes technical development, partner drills, and timed rounds on the heavy bag, double end bag, speed bag, and focus mitts. Conditioning aspects rotate with medicine balls, jump ropes, calisthenics, and more.  Monday nights focus on Boxing, Wednesdays and Saturdays focus on Kickboxing. Loaner gloves are available for a trial class. Training involves controlled contact.

Required personal equipment:

  • 14-16 oz boxing gloves, hand wraps

  • Shin guards, mouth guard

  • For boxing, please wear clean wrestling/boxing shoes, kickboxing is barefoot




This class focuses on partner work and sparring drills s to sharpen distancing, timing, targeting, offense and defense against progressive resistance (i.e., people who aren't standing still while you pull off a 5 move combo of death). Class is not open to drop-in participation- participants need to be gym members or talk with the instructor beforehand.


Required personal equipment:

  • 14-16 oz boxing gloves, MMA style gloves, hand wraps

  • Shin guards, mouth guard, cup



JUDO FUNDAMENTALS- currently unavailable due to Covid-19

Judo is an excellent means of  putting someone on the ground and staying on your feet.  Class focuses on throws, takedowns, and submission to defend against striking and holds. Gi and no-gi versions of techniques are practiced. Follow ups to pins and submissions are included, although this is not a dedicated newaza/mat grappling class  (check out Pressure BJJ Academy in Harrisonburg!) Judo involves contactStudents must demonstrate/learn good falling skills before participating in randori (free practice). We're seeking an experienced black belt Judoka to lead this program!

Required personal equipment:

  • Blue or white Judo or BJJ gi, clean t-shirt or rash guard






In memory or Robert Miller

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