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Choose any of our class formats and specialties to create your own one-on-one training sessions. Boxing/kickboxing, kettlebells, self defense training (including firearm disarms), athletic performance, recovery methods, and more, combined to help you towards your goals.  Our PT packages give you the best we have to offer at the best price. 

Personal Training Packages

Sessions are 45 min-1 hour. Persons under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult. 


$30                                      1 session

$75                                      3 sessions

$165                                    8 sessions

$230                                   12 sessions 




Experience the fitness benefits of boxing and martial arts training. Boxing and Kickboxing training can be adapted to different goals including fitness, self defense, cross training and as a supplement to competitive training. Coaching focuses on crisp, fluid technical movement, and developing qualities like speed & agility, power, distancing, timing, accuracy, and stamina. 

Technical fundamentals and conditioning are stressed at the beginner level, while more advanced clients can focus on specific tactical and performance goals. Boxing and kickboxing clients need their own 16 oz. training gloves and hand wraps, and shin guards. We offer discount prices on quality Title gloves and equipment!

Clients interested in Okinawan Goju Ryu and Shorin Ryu karate can also set up personal training sessions. 


Personal MA Coaching Options

Sessions are 45 min-1 hour. Persons under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult. 


$30                                      1 session

$75                                      3 sessions

$165                                    8 sessions

$230                                   12 sessions 



ADAPTIVE BOXING- Personal boxing training for fitness and neurowellness. 8 and up.

Adaptive Boxing employs the techniques, equipment and drills of a boxer/martial artist to enhance motor skills and overall fitness for a challenging, fun non-contact workout. Why Boxing?

  • Boxing style training challenges neuromotor and executive functions simultaneously

  • Boxing style training challenges cardiovascular and neuromuscular capacities simultaneously

  • Boxing style training does all of this in a flexible, scalable format

  • Boxing style training develops proprioception and coordination, balance and stability, timing, rate control, anc cross-lateralt movement

  • Boxing is fun, and gives people a sense of their potential to be powerful

To register, clients need a written medical clearance from a medical doctor or other qualified professional. A care partner or assistant may be required to be present with clients in need of assistance. Clients may need to complete a brief assessment before beginning training.  Adaptive Boxing and MA are available in 4-week blocks. We will strive to accommodate special needs (lighting, noise, mobility etc.) to the best of our ability, Rental gloves are available for use, clients are encouraged to purchase their own.

*This program is not a part of Rock Steady Boxing.*

Adaptive Boxing and MA Training Packages 

Sessions are one-on-one, 45 min-1 hour

$150/month                      2/week

$220/month                     3/week



ADAPTIVE EXERCISE- Personal adaptive exercise training. 16 and up.


Adaptive Exercise is fitness training specifically for individuals with physical disabilities. The program follows a referring medical professional’s guidance to tailor training to your specific musculoskeletal, metabolic, and motor needs. Each of our specialties can be adapted where appropriate for your unique needs and abilities. Our facility also offers a controllable environment with minimal distractions for those with sensory concerns.

Adaptive Exercise is customizable for a wide range of goals and needs:

  • Neurowellness

  • Improve general fitness and endurance

  • Improving strength, joint stability and range of motion

  • Improved personal mobility balance, stability, and fall prevention

  • Post-rehab fitness training (following release by a  physical or Occupational therapist)

  • Return to play/activity and conditioning following injury and rehab

  • Prehab (physical prep)


To register, clients must have a recommendation or prescription from a doctor or other qualified medical provider, and a written medical clearance may be required for high risk factors. A care partner or assistant may be required to be present with clients with limited mobility or in need of special assistance. Sessions are available in 4-week long blocks of training. All sessions are one-on-one.


Adaptive Exercise Training Packages

Sessions are 45 min-1 hour


$150/month                      2/week

$220/month                      3/week


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